Greek olive producers are scheduled to gather outside Regional Administrative Buildings on December 7, seeking compensation for lost income due to olive crop failure, demanding it be set at €200 per acre for all affected regions.

The olive producers are warning that failing to tackle the income loss could potentially result in a drastic economic downturn in rural areas, even leading to mass desertion of olive cultivation.

Agricultural associations and federations from various regions of the country have announced their participation in response to a call by PEM – a self-styled group organizing industrial actions and blockades – after a decision was reached at the olive producers’ meeting.

With a reduction in olive yields due to infertility, it is estimated that the nationwide decrease in income for olive producers this year will exceed €1 billion.

Key Demands of Olive Producers:

  • Compensation for lost income due to olive crop failure at €200 per acre for all affected producers in every region.
  • Implementation of necessary measures and allocation of required funding by the government and regional authorities for pest control.
  • Overhaul of the outdated ELGA (Greek Agricultural Insurance Organization) regulations, sufficient state funding to cover 100% of damages from all natural disasters, diseases, and crop failures. Full compensation for losses in plant capital.