A well-known local “trapper” was arrested by law enforcement in Greece over the weekend on charges stemming from nearly a dozen ATM robberies around the country.

According to reports, Greek Police (EL.AS) said a total of three suspects – 26, 27 and 29 – were arrested on charges related to 10 ATM heists that netted approximately 710,000 euros.

Police said the modus operandi of the trio was the theft of cars, travel to remote regions throughout the country and use of power tools or explosives to violate the ATMs.

The suspects were arrested in the working-class northwest Athens district of Kamatero, and following an ATM attack in the southern resort town of Ermioni. Nearly 200,000 euros were stolen in that last robbery.

Authorities have charged that the alleged perpetrators “laundered” the stolen cash through “investments” in the music industry or through casino play.

More than 206,000 euros were confiscated, along with a kilo and a half of explosive materials, an assault rifle, a pistol, four detonators and numerous burglary tools.