The Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees, known as POEDIN, has announced a work stoppage today from 8:00am to 3:00pm and a 24-hour strike in the greater Attica region.

Workers are trying to draw attention to their list of demands from the Greek government which range from salary increases to hospitals ceasing their collaborations with contractors.

Connected to the work stoppages, workers will gather in Mavili Square at 8:30, next to the US Embassy, and a march along a route which includes the President’s mansion, the Parliament, the General Accounting Office of the State and the Greek Ministry of Health.

According to POEDIN’s announcement, “The government institutionalized the possibility for private doctors to work in the National Health System by setting up private clinics within the Hospitals with rented equipment and staff and transferred patients from their clinics.” Workers are upset with what they consider to be the privatization of the public health system.

The Federation has announced its demands, which include, in addition to other items, the following:

  • An increase in wages and hourly wages
  • For workers to receive 14 salaries as opposed to 12, which was customary until recently
  • An additional allowance for Dangerous and Unhealthy Work
  • Contracted workers to become permanent employees
  • The termination of contracts with companies to outsource staff and equipment