Cyber security is one sector in which Greece now manages to score highly as part of its bid to attract “digital nomads”, the increasingly popular term used to describe people who travel freely, or relocate frequently, around the world while working remotely using technology and the internet.

According to data released this month from the Global Remote Work Index 2023, the “digital nomads” surveyed ranked Greece sixth worldwide for cyber security – ostensibly one of the fields such professionals consider when picking where to set up their remote office.

However, the highly popular travel destination in the east Mediterranean scores lower on the three criteria used by Nordlayer to compile a similar index.

Thus, with 108 countries surveyed, Greece comes a lackluster 35th in terms of “social security”, 42nd in the field of “economic security”, and 46th in terms of “digital and physical infrastructure” – the latter obviously due to the long-standing problem of Greece’s relatively slow and expensive broadband, compared to other EU countries.