The Ministry of Finance and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue is shortly expected to roll out a new initiative aimed at ensuring compliance on Greek roads. The plan features comprehensive electronic cross-checks to swiftly identify uninsured vehicles, those that have not passed the Vehicle Inspection Test (KTEO), and vehicles with unpaid road taxes, all with the push of a button.

The checks will be conducted semi-annually by the General Secretariat for Information Systems (GSIS) through electronic cross-referencing of data from the databases of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and other entities. Additionally, checks will be carried out following specific orders or electronic cross-references from AADE.

If violations are detected, the vehicle owner will be notified and fined. Penalties for uninsured vehicles range from 250 euros for motorcycles to 1,000 euros for buses and commercial trucks.

For unpaid road taxes exceeding one year, the full amount plus a fine will be charged. Vehicles that have not passed the required Vehicle Inspection Test (KTEO) on time will incur the specified fine.

Starting in 2025, late payment of vehicle road taxes will incur escalating fines. Private vehicle owners will pay an additional 25% if paid in January, 50% if paid in February, and 100% if paid from March onwards.

If a vehicle declared as immobilized is found parked at a different location than specified, a fine of 10,000 euros will be imposed by the AADE, in addition to the road taxes and the penalty for non-payment.