A case of hidden cams for pornographic content was revealed this week in Greece, with a 49-year-old beauty salon owner charged with placing microscopic recording cameras in the women’s bathroom.

According to the report shown on Mega TV, police located and retrieved the cameras from the business, located in the north Athens district of Vrilissia.

The first device was located behind a broken tile beneath a sink and where a pipe protrudes. A second was located above the ceiling, looking in through a hole covered by duct tape.

Authorities were tipped off to the hidden cams by a female employee, who told police she saw footage of the bathroom on the man’s mobile phone.

Even more ominous is eyewitnesses’ testimony that the suspect would supply another unidentified man with USB sticks, and shortly after remaining in the bathrooms for some time.

A search of the suspect’s home also revealed hidden cams in the residence’s bathroom and in the bedroom used by his adult stepdaughter.

In first statements to arresting officers, the man reportedly claimed he was addicted to pornography and needs professional help.