Amid a series of ominous predictions for higher temperatures this summer season, renting umbrellas and sun loungers at organized beaches at one of the Attica prefecture’s numerous organized beaches is becoming increasingly expensive, especially on weekends.

According to news reports by Mega Channel, renting an umbrella and two sunbeds costs 17 euros on a weekday, along with an additional entrance fee of eight euros per person, at the popular Alimos beach on Athens’ southern coast. Prices soar on the weekends, as the sunbed-umbrella fee for the same package rises to 22 euros and the entrance fees increase to 10 euros per person. This means that a four-member family will have to dole out up to 62 euros.

It’s worth noting that these prices do not include other expenses for snacks or drinks bought purchased by vendors at the specific beach. Similar price hikes have been reported at other beaches in Attica prefecture, where the Athens-Piraeus agglomeration is located:

Anavyssos Beach (southeast of Athens, along what’s now being billed as the ‘Athens Riviera’)

  • Sunbed & umbrella pack: 6 euros on weekdays / 20 euros on weekends
  • Free entrance

Porto Rafti Beach (East Attica, along the Southern Eviokos Gulf)

  • Sunbed & umbrella pack: 10 euros on weekdays / 15 euros on weekends
  • Entrance: 5 euros per person on weekdays / 7 euros per person on weekends

Vouliagmeni Beach (extreme southeast coastal Athens, facing the Saronic Gulf)

  • Entrance fee: 10 euros per person
  • Reduced fee for students, unemployed, large families, and individuals aged 65+: 5 euros

Prices may be adjusted in the coming weeks, while front-row sunbeds are subject to even higher prices.

Given the expected high temperatures, ensuring beach accessibility and monitoring compliance with the latest beach regulations is of great importance. According to the new beach bill, 50% of the coast must be freely accessible to the public and beachgoers can report any irregularities they witness through the recently launched MyCoastApp.

Furthermore, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) has announced both tax-related audits and compliance checks on thousands of businesses operating in the tourism sector.