Implementation of the newly enacted law on coastal and beach concessions is currently in progress, with over 1,200 sections slated for electronic auction by May 31 on the dedicated digital platform.

The legislation mandates that 50% of beach areas utilized by hotels, restaurants, or other businesses remain freely accessible to the public, ensuring unimpeded passage to the shore.

The Ministry of Finance spokesperson, in an interview on MEGA TV emphasized a stringent approach to beach management, emphasizing the importance of maintaining distancing and providing ample free space for citizens’ enjoyment.

All concessions, both new and existing, will be subject to the same regulatory framework, enforcing controls and penalties for unlawful occupation of public space and exceeding leased areas.

Citizens observing irregularities can utilize the MyCoast tool to report anonymously, attaching photographic evidence, even from the beach via mobile device.

Offenders risk hefty fines, with intensified summer inspections, ranging from 2,000 euros to 60,000 euros for hindering public access to the sea, coast, and beach.