EU: Changes in Labeling for Honey, Fruit Juices, Jams –

The revised guidelines, aimed at promoting healthier diets and enhancing consumer awareness, bring changes to labeling practices for honey, fruit juices and jams

Commission Proposes to Allow EU Farmers to Derogate for One Year from Certain Agricultural Rules –

The European Commission proposed to allow EU farmers to avail of derogations for the year 2024 from Common Agricultural Policy rules obliging them to keep certain areas non-productive. The Commission’s proposal, sent Wednesday to Member States who will voted on it in a committee meeting, provided a first concrete policy response to address farmers’ income concerns. It also followed requests outlined by several Member States in Agriculture Council meetings.

Greece Ranks Poorly in 2023/2024 SDG Performance Report on Europe –

Out of the 34 countries ranked in the 2023/2024 Europe Sustainable Development Report, Greece holds 28th place