1. Greek ‘Green’ Islands: Electricity Bills Plunge from €2,000 to €40 per Year

The island has undergone a remarkable transformation into a model of a green economy, marked by energy self-sufficiency, digital innovations, and sustainable mobility through electric vehicles. This metamorphosis has not only attracted environmentally conscious tourists, reaching 100,000 this year from 20,000 in 2019 but has also significantly improved the lives of its approximately 250 permanent residents.

       2. Sports Violence: Comatose Police Officer has Leg Amputated

Physicians opted for the amputation of the left lower extremity due to irreversible ischemic damage and extensive muscle necrosis in the officer’s thigh.

3. Golden Globe Awards: Lanthimos’s ‘Poor Things’ Picks Up 7 Nominations

Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things this week secured seven Golden Globe Awards nominations, with the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association’s (HFCA) annual awards ceremony set for Jan. 7.

4. Deutsche Bank: Cautious About Greek Growth for 2024

Despite the cautious prediction, the bank adds that a notable improvement in the GDP is expected, nearing 2% in 2025. Additionally, the bank predicts a decline in inflation to 2.2% in the coming year, with the government aiming to reduce the budget deficit to 1%.