On Tuesday night, 21 Italian citizens affiliated with far-right organizations were arrested at Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, as they were considered a threat to national security, according to police sources.
Greek authorities were tipped-off that a meeting of far-right groups was scheduled for Wednesday November 1 and that 21 far-right Italians would fly to Greece.
Upon their arrival, the Italian citizens were remanded in custody and taken to immigration where they are being held until their deportation, on account of national security concerns.
The arrests are considered to be connected to a meeting of far-right European organizations was planned in Athens today on the occasion of the anniversary of the murder of two members of the Greek far-right organization Golden Dawn. The murders occurred 10 years ago outside of their offices in the Athens region of Neo Heraklio.
The Greek authorities learned of the gathering and are collaborating with Europol in order to be able to identify and arrest any members of far-right organizations that attempt to enter into the country. Additionally, the Greek authorities have forbidden public gatherings in the Attica region on November 1 and security will be enhanced in the Neo Heraklio area and in Athens in general.