During the height of the COVID-19 surge, Dimosthenis Sarrigiannis projected an alarming estimate, suggesting that the daily cases of the disease could skyrocket to 8,800. The renowned epidemiology professor also drew attention to a concerning increase in deaths as the number of severe coronavirus cases continues to rise.

Speaking on SKAI TV, Dimosthenis Sarrigiannis remarked, “During the Christmas period, we were seeing around 5,800 daily cases of the coronavirus. Presently, we have hit the peak, with an anticipated surge to about 8,800 cases.”

Highlighting the repercussions of widespread transmission, he stressed, “As the spread intensifies, so does the likelihood of encountering the virus, thereby increasing the vulnerability of certain groups to critical illness.” “We’re bracing for a surge in hospitalizations and fatalities, possibly reaching a grim figure of 78 to 80 deaths per week,” he cautioned.

Addressing the issue of children returning to school, he recommended, “It would be advisable for parents to conduct self-tests on their children to ensure they carry a low viral load.” Additionally, he weighed in on the effectiveness of masks, stating, “While masks serve a purpose, their usage remains a matter of personal judgment for each individual.”