A 50-year-old butcher in the western Greece city of Missolonghi was arrested this week as the main suspect in the disappearance of another local man some 10 days ago.

The case has generated widespread media coverage in Greece.

Babbis Koutsikos, 31, disappeared after meeting the now detained man in a remote part of Aetoloakarnia prefecture known for lagoons and swampland.

The suspect was charged with intentional homicide and given an extension in order to testify before an investigating magistrate on Monday.

He has denied any wrongdoing and maintains he left the younger man at a highway intersection alive and well.

Fueling authorities’ initial suspicions is CCTV footage showing the butcher in specific road locations when he claimed he was elsewhere, cell phone messages sent to friends on the evening of Koutsikos’ disappearance, which he subsequently deleted, and misleading statements about whether or not he had his mobile phone with him on the specific evening.