The lobbying firm of Manatos & Manatos celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gathering that drew influential political figures from both political parties to the newly inaugurated Limani restaurant in Washington, DC. The celebration was attended by former and current White House, State Department, and U.S. Congress officials, as well as prominent thought leaders from media, universities, and think tanks.

Among the distinguished guests were Greek-American leaders from across the nation, uniting to honor the legacy of the Manatos family, known for their service to the community and the Orthodox church. The event also commemorated over 85 years of the Manatos family’s engagement with the federal government.

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi expressed her admiration for the decades-long commitment to public service, describing the Manatos family as the “all-American family” in terms of patriotism, values, and familial bonds.

Archbishop Elpidophoros of America echoed this sentiment and commended the family’s advocacy for Hellenism, Cyprus, Greece, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. As he stated, “For forty years as an organization, and for more than forty more as a force for good in Washington, DC, this family has served our country and most certainly the interests of our Diaspora.”

The family’s legacy in Washington, DC dates back to 1936 when Mike N. Manatos arrived from Rock Springs, Wyoming. After 25 years on Capitol Hill, Mike N. Manatos became the first Greek-American to serve as a liaison for the U.S. Senate in the White House during the presidencies of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Andy Manatos spent a decade in senior positions on Capitol Hill and later served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce in President Jimmy Carter’s Administration.

In 1983, Mike N. and Andy Manatos founded Manatos & Manatos, with Andy’s son, Mike A. Manatos, joining in 1990. Meanwhile, Tom Manatos, another of Andy’s sons, worked for Leader/Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a decade and currently serves as Block’s Head of Federal Affairs.