A four-year-old boy continues to be hospitalized in critical condition at an Athens-area children’s hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by his mother’s 23-year-old partner outside the town of Megara, due west of Athens. Authorities are still searching for the suspect.

According to reports, the brutal assault occurred at a Roma settlement at the Vlyhos site, and in the man’s residence. The child was unconscious when arriving at the hospital, with physicians later reporting multiple fractures and bruising.

The child’s mother, after the latest violent incident, told police the 23-year-old had displayed extremely violent behavior towards all her children and especially the four-year-old. She also said she was abused. Recently, the child had been hospitalized again due to severe physical abuse.

Social workers had been informed and there was a pending request for a protective removal, which however, had not yet been implemented.
The boy’s siblings have been removed to the same hospital under a judicial order for their protection.