The local council of the town of Megara in west Attica approved the environmental provisions for the establishment of a diving park in a sea area in its municipal boundaries.

The diving park, according to the project, will cover a 30-hectare sea surface near the wider Varea beach front.

This is the initial phase of the project, which provides for the construction of environment-friendly, mild structures including floating pontoons; pontoon-type floating structures to delineate the diving park; surface float mooring buoys – marking the start/end of a diving route; and anchoring of floaters.

The plan foresees the creation of two diving routes, simultaneously accommodating an equal number of visitor groups. Artificial attractions will be submerged within the designated diving park area to embellish the underwater landscape. Specifically, an aircraft, a ship, and three sets of statues will be submerged, according to the plan.

According to the plan, the statues will be inspired by the ancient mythology and history of the wider Megara region. The proposal includes a set of statues depicting Byzas, the mythical founder of Megara and more importantly the founder Byzantium in the Bosporus straits where Constantinople (modern day Istanbul in Turkey) was later founded by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in 330 AD.

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