In another case of femicide in Greece, a 41-year-old pregnant female named Georgia, who had been declared as missing since New Year’s, has been found murdered in a remote spot in the northern Greece region of Halkidiki with multiple stab wounds in her chest and neck.

Specifically, the body of the woman was found in a wooded area between Nea Triglia and Galatista in Halkidiki.

The woman’s partner has been arrested along with his friend, the latter of which has allegedly confessed that he assisted Georgia’s partner hide the body and instructed police on where to find it. However, Georgia’s partner has not confessed to committing a crime and his lawyer, speaking on his behalf, says that he refutes all accusations.

Georgia’s partner had been in the sights of the police since he first declared her missing, despite his efforts to distract police.  According to reports he claimed that she took 5,000 euros from their joint fund and then disappeared.

Additionally, after police initially searched his house, he claimed that his house had been broken into and that he found the front and rear door ajar and various items missing.

The partner of the murdered woman has been previously convicted of severely beating his own sister for money, according to reports at Tlive.