The body of BBC host Michael Mosley, who has been missing since Wednesday, has been found on Symi island, in a local area called Aghia Marina, during a boat search by the isle’s mayor and an accompanying camera crew from Greece’s national broadcaster (ERT).

According to reports, an ERT cameraman spotted something unusual on shore after watching the video footage he shot earlier with his camera. The party then returned by foot to the exact spot and spotted the missing man’s body. The island’s mayor, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, then identified the body as the BBC’s missing TV Doctor.

The body was found at the bottom of a rugged and rocky incline and next to a fence, a few meters from the water’s edge, in the area that was part of the search pattern for the missing 67-year-old doctor and BBC host over the past few days.

The Timeline of Michael Mosley’s Disappearance on Symi

Dr. Michael Mosley and his wife had been staying on Symi island with another couple for holidays, when the group went to the beach of Aghios Nikolaos on Symi.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 5, at around 13:30, Mosley told the group that he was tired and decided to leave on foot by himself. He intended to first reach the Pedi area via the path, which is approximately one kilometer long and then return to his lodging by bus.

His wife and the couple left Aghios Nikolaos beach two and a half hours later and went to their rooms. Upon arrival, they immediately realized that the BBC presenter was missing and began searching for him, eventually notifying the local police.

Since Wednesday, a massive search and rescue effort involving the coast guard, police, fire brigade, search and rescue dogs and drones commenced to locate Mosley.