A Norwegian man who stabbed and killed an off-duty Greek police officer in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Thursday was remanded following his testimony at the prosecutor’s officer, media reported on Saturday.

The Norwegian national, during his plea, claimed that he did not remember what happened.  “I never wanted to kill,” he claimed.

The defendant also claimed memory gaps due to alcohol consumption while he cited mental illness.

He is now facing charges of homicide, attempted intentional homicide and illegal possession and use of a weapon.

The incident where the 32 year-old police officer lost his life, took place at a bar located directly next to the riot police headquarters in Thessaloniki.

Local media reported that the alleged assailant had been a permanent resident of Greece for the past nine years and was a frequent customer at the specific bar. The fatal incident occurred around 4:30 a.m.

Following a verbal dispute, the Norwegian stabbed the victim’s best man in the leg. The 32-year-old officer, who was off duty and present at the same bar, intervened and was subsequently attacked with the same knife.

The police officer was fatally wounded with a “push dagger” type of knife in the left torso.

The police officer’s funeral was held earlier on Saturday in Thessaloniki.