Greek NYPD Lieutenant John Pappas turned to his roots in celebration of handing in his badge after 26 years in the force. Friends, family and pups joined in to wish him a happy retirement by dancing traditional Greek “Zeibekiko” while listening to Greek songs like the world-famous tune “Zorbas” in a festive ceremony outside the Transit Bureau K-9 unit facilities in Long Island, New York.

The Greek immigrant, who spent 18 years as the Commanding Officer of the unit, bid farewell to his co-workers in a heartfelt speech where he commented, “I am a child of immigrants. My parents worked hard, like many others like them. I am married to an immigrant. I am very proud that my parents chose the USA. Sometimes we forget the importance of our country. I am grateful for everything. I love my people, I love my unit, I love my family.”