The Olympic Flame heads to Athens today, April 26, in the context of the XXXIII Olympic Games “PARIS 2024”, resulting in a series of traffic regulations in the capital.

There will be a gradual and temporary stoppage of traffic in various areas and drivers are requested to avoid traveling and parking along the Olympic Torch Relay route.

The following municipalities will be impacted: Megara, Marathon, Lavreotiki, Palaio Faliro, Kallithea and Athens. Specifically, the points located in the traffic plan are:

  • Municipality of Megara (hours 08:00 – 09:00)
  • Municipality of Marathon (hours 09:45-11:45)
  • Municipality of Lavreotiki (12:10-13:30)
  • Municipality of Palaio Faliro (hours 14:15-14:40)
  • Municipality of Kallithea (hours 14:40-15:50)
  • Municipality of Athens (hours 15:50 – 18:30)