A closer look at key historic events that took place on April 29:

In 2018, The Simpsons becomes the US’s longest-running scripted prime-time show

The animated TV series surpassed Gunsmoke’s (1955–75) record, when it aired its 636th episode on April 29, 2018.

The Simpsons. Shutterstock

In 2011, a British royal wedding takes place
Prince William of Wales, first in line to the British throne, married Catherine Middleton, in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey, which was broadcast to millions around the world.

Prince William (L), his bride Kate Middleton (C) with her father Michael Middleton (R) during the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London, Britain, 29 April 2011. EPA/DOMINIC LIPINSKI / PA

In 1992, the Los Angeles riots begin

In 1992, riots around Los Angeles, California erupted in response to the verdict of a highly publicized trial related to the 1991 beating of Rodney King, a black man who had resisted arrest, where four white LAPD officers involved were acquitted.

In 1991, a tropical cyclone hits Bangladesh
The cyclone killed an estimated 140,000 people and left 10 million more homeless.

An aerial view of flooding in the aftermath of a cyclone which devastated Bangladesh. SEA ANGEL. STAFF SGT. Val Gempis. Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files

In 1945, the US Army liberates Dachau concentration camp

The US Seventh Army liberated tens of thousands of inmates at the Nazi concentration camp in Germany.

Young and old survivors in Dachau cheer approaching U.S. troops. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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