A closer look at key historic events that took place on June 1:

In 2009, Air France flight 447 crashes into the Atlantic

En route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, the aircraft, an Airbus A330, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the loss of all 228 people on board. It encountered severe weather conditions, including thunderstorms and turbulence, before it disappeared from radar.

In 2002, the Czech Republic became the first country to enact a law against light pollution

This law aimed to mitigate the adverse effects of artificial lighting on the environment, wildlife, and human health by imposing regulations on outdoor lighting usage and intensity. The move set an important precedent for other nations grappling with the growing issue of light pollution and underscored the importance of preserving natural darkness in the night sky.

In 1980, CNN debuts

 Founded by media mogul Ted Turner, Cable News Network CNN provided viewers with around-the-clock access to breaking news, live coverage of events, and in-depth analysis, setting a new standard for television journalism.

In 1979, Zimbabwe ends 90 years of white rule

Zimbabwe achieved independence from British colonial rule, ending nearly 90 years of white minority rule. The country transitioned to majority rule, with Robert Mugabe becoming the first black Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

In 1974, the Heimlich maneuver is published

Dr. Henry Heimlich first described the Heimlich maneuver, a technique used to save choking victims by dislodging obstructing objects from their airways.

In 1968, Helen Keller dies

Renowned author, lecturer, and advocate for people with disabilities, Hellen Keller passed away at the age of 87. Despite being deaf and blind from a young age, Keller’s remarkable life story and achievements inspired countless individuals around the world.

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