A closer look into the key events on March 10 in history:

In 2006, NASA‘s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter entered Mars orbit
The MRO was launched on August 12, 2005 with the goal of studying Mars’ atmosphere and searching for sign of water, through a shallow subsurface radar that could probe the surface at a depth of 1 km. On March 10, 2006, MRO entered Mars’ orbit. Photos from the MRO revealed salty water heading downstream, while its subsurface radar showed glaciers spanning tens of kilometers.
On March 10

Atlas V launch vehicle, with a two-ton NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO on top, lifts off the pad on Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Aug. 12, 2005. NASA

In 1997, Buffy the Vampire Slayer premieres
Created by Joss Whedon, Buff Summers battles supernatural forces of evil. It was met with wide success and has become a must-watch cult classic.
March 10

Poster from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. IMDB

In 1952, Fulgencio Batista assumes power in Cuba after a coup

Batista had been elected president of Cuba in 1940. After the end of his term he left abroad for 8 years, where corruption brought him back and, after a bloodless coup d’etat, he returned to power deposing President Carlos Prío Socarrás. However, he returned as a brutal dictator and controlled the press and Congress and embezzled enormous amounts of money. He also manipulated elections in 1954 and 1958 to remain in power. He was finally defeated by the forces of Fidel Castro in the fall of 1958 and fled to the Dominican Republic in 1959.

Fulgencio Batista. Public Domain

In 1933, Opening of the Nazis’ first concentration camp
About six weeks after Adolf Hitler became chancellor, the first concentration camp in Germany opened at Dachau, Munich. It became the prototype and training center of all future concentration camps. It remained a “political camp”, which housed political prisoners. Hundreds of thousands passed through its walls, but most were sent to death camps throughout Germany and Poland. It was the most important camp for research experiments on the inmates. If people were to be gassed however, they were sent elsewhere. A gas chamber was built in 1942 but was never used. Incomplete reports show that at least 32,000 people died from disease, malnutrition, physical oppression, and execution.
On March 10

Exterior of camp facilities with memorial sculpture and wall, at Dachau Concentration Camp, Munich, Germany. Shutterstock

In 1876 The first telephone call is made

Alexander Graham Bell was successful in using electricity to make a phone call to his assistant Thomas A. Watson, who was in the other room. The first words spoken over the phone were “Mr. Watson, come here — I want to see you.”

Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, 1876. National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center

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