A closer look at key historic events that took place on May 22

In 2011, one of the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history strikes Missouri

Reaching a max width of over one mile 1.6km and with winds peaking at 402 km/h, it claimed 161 lives in Joplin, Missouri, making it the seventh-deadliest tornado in US history and the 27th-deadliest in world history.

In 2010, Air India Express Flight 812 crashes 

While attempting to land at Mangalore International Airport in India, the Boeing 737 overshot the runway, fell of a hillside, and burst into flames. 158 of the 166 people on board lost their lives, making it one of the deadliest aviation accidents in India’s history. Investigations concluded that pilot error and failure to follow standard landing procedures were the primary causes of the crash.

In 1980, Pac-Man is released

Produced by the company Namco, the arcade game is one of the best known video games in history.

In 1972, Richard Nixon visits Moscow
Nixon’s visit was the first ever made by a U.S. president to the Soviet Union.
In 1960, one of the deadliest earthquakes strikes Chile

Known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, it had a magnitude of 9.5, its epicenter being near Valdivia in southern Chile. The earthquake triggered tsunamis that also caused widespread damage and loss of life across the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and the west coast of the United States. The disaster resulted in the deaths of approximately 5,700 people and left two million more homeless.

In 1942, Mexico enters World War II
Mexico declared war on GermanyItaly, and Japan on Mat 22 after the sinking of two Mexican oil tankers, by German submarines. This attack prompted the Mexican government, led by President Manuel Ávila Camacho, to join the Allied forces.
In 1939, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini sign the Pact of Steel
The pact solidified the cooperation between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, reinforcing their mutual commitment to military and political support.
In 337. the Roman Emperor Constantine I is baptized
Being baptized on his deathbed, Constantine the Great, became the first Roman emperor to be baptized in the Christian church.
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