The parents and their underaged children, who allegedly assaulted a minor in an Athens suburb, are facing serious charges in an incident that shocked the Greek public opinion. The charges include a felony and four misdemeanors.

According to the allegations, the minors attacked their peer in the northeastern suburb of Agia Paraskevi, even threatening his life while recording their actions on video.

Based on the preliminary investigation, the criminal charges leveled against the juvenile perpetrators are robbery in complicity, complicit assault causing bodily harm, complicit illegal violence, violation of the law on personal data in complicity, and damage to foreign property in complicity.

The case has been assigned to a juvenile magistrate, while the competent Prosecutor has also launched a separate case against the parents of the alleged juvenile perpetrators for the crime of neglecting supervision of minors as a misdemeanor.

According to the lawyer of the 14-year-old victim, Alexandros Mazarakis, the minor was in shock after he was attacked but mustered the courage to get home bloodied and barefoot and report the attack.

Talking to public broadcaster ERT, the lawyer said it was no longer a case of “bullying”, but had escalated to a level of “gang violence”.

According to the family’s lawyer, last week the victim was attacked by the 3 suspects in a remote location in Agia Paraskevi where the 14-year-old was forced to go after they had grabbed his dog. The lawyer went on to say that they held the 14-year-old down and punched him repeatedly in the face with clinched firsts while holding keys, causing him serious injuries.