Forty new projects budgeted at 101 million euros aimed at upgrading Attica, improving the standard of living and the visitor experience were announced by Attica Region Governor Nikos Hardalias and Athens Mayor Haris Doukas.

The initiatives range from sidewalk repairs and the transformation of Athens’ main Ermou shopping district to the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and the creation of extensive bike paths. Additionally, the plan includes initiatives such as energy-efficient upgrades for municipal buildings, restoring the National Garden, revamping Syntagma Square and Plato’s Academy Park (Akademia Platonos).

For the coordination and implementation of the projects under the “Attica 2021-2027” program, Hardalias and Doukas said a joint working committee would be set up.

During the presentation of the plan, Hardalias emphasized the regional authority’s commitment to enhancing the city’s aesthetics and functionality. The outlined projects, he said, primarily concern modernizing Athens’ infrastructure, bolstering its competitive edge, showcasing its cultural wealth, and fostering social cohesion.

On his part, Doukas echoed this sentiment, underlining the projects’ focus on promoting inclusivity, aiding vulnerable groups, and fortifying the city’s resilience. He went on to underline the importance of swift execution and referred to the significance of these projects in advancing the city’s image and reputation.