Police in Athens issued a ban on public assemblies in the city center for Saturday, citing concerns over potential clashes between far-right political groupings and far-left “counter-protestors” on the occasion of a commemoration of the 28th anniversary (Jan. 31) of the Imia crisis.

The directive cites a 24-hour ban on any outdoor public assembly until Sunday, 6 a.m. The restricted area encompasses a good chunk of the city center, such as in front of a monument for the fallen soldiers of the Imia crisis, in front of Parliament, and along the road axis leading from the US embassy towards Syntagma Square.

The decision cites a “substantial risk” to public safety due to the prospect of serious crimes being committed. Additionally, there is a perceived threat of significant disruption to daily activity in the specified area, considering the scheduled rallies/protests.

Notably, members of the Golden Dawn have announced a gathering at the Imia Fallen Heroes Monument at Rigillis Square. Simultaneously, far-leftist groups have planned a counter-protest commencing at 2 p.m. and extending into the evening.