Greece’s Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO or ADMIE) on Thursday reported damage to electromechanical equipment used in the construction of a land portion of the all-important Crete-Attica undersea interconnector.

The vandalism was reported at a worksite on Crete, north of the main roadway on the island’s north coast. IPTO said the incident took place on Wednesday on equipment used by its subsidiary, Ariadne Interconnection.

A representative of the contractor filed an official report with local precinct, thus commencing an investigation into the incident, while local and regional authorities were briefed.

IPTO also underlined that the vandalism was related with the attempted theft of equipment or raw materials but a deliberate act aimed to interrupt work for the power interconnection.

Worksites, railroad works, power lines and other infrastructure around Greece has often been the target of thieves – even organized gangs – seeking specific metals, mainly copper, with IPTO clarification pointing to a more ominous development with the worksite in Crete.

The construction phase of the Crete-Attica (Greek mainland) interconnection is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with operation coming next year.