Snow, rain, and freezing temperatures will be the main characteristics of a new cold front that has descended on the southern part of Greece and is estimated to peak from Monday until Wednesday.

According to the latest forecast from the National Meteorological Services, the cold front is expected to hit hardest during the three days from Monday (29/1) to Wednesday (31/1), affecting mainly the eastern and southern parts of the country.

The freezing weather forecast, to hit in three waves, will bring a significant drop in temperature, while rain and thunderstorms, especially in the Southern Aegean and particularly in Crete, are predicted where very high rainfall amounts are expected in lowland areas, and significant snowfall in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas.

There will be heavy snowfall in mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of the eastern and southern parts of the country, as well as in areas with lower altitudes in the eastern mainland, Euboea, and the Sporades.

In light of the extreme weather phenomena, Greek police are on operational alert and are ready to assist if needed in cooperation with local authorities.

Police have already ordered the interruption of traffic on Sunday morning on Mount Parthitha Avenue in both directions at the cable car height.

Police have instructed motorists to be particularly cautious on the roads have snow chains available and avoid traveling unless necessary.