The first event aimed to connect high-skilled Greek talent with leading businesses in the marketplace called: “Rebrain Greece Strategy: Connecting talents with leading enterprises,” was successfully held in London on April 20.

The event, co-organized by the Greek Ministry of Labor and Social Security and 12 major Greek industry leaders in the national economy, including, among others, Alpha Bank, LAMDA Development, AND OTE, PPC S.A (DEI), drew over 600 high-skilled Greeks interested in repatriating after leaving the country over the past decade.

The success of the event confirmed the palpable interest of young, promising Greek talents abroad to return, as well as the determination by the businesses to expand the operation and implementation of the “Rebrain Greece Talent Connection Mechanism” in other European cities.

Talent Shortages

Two key elements that emerged during the panel discussions were the shortage of talent in Greek businesses and the labor market’s need for modern skills to promote outward-looking, innovative practices, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the Greek economy.

Following the corporate presentations, HR heads conducted interviews with those interested in pursuing careers and possible job prospects in Greece. Many of the candidates stood out with their high qualifications and are expected to fill the majority of the open job positions posted on the “Rebrain Greece” platform. It is worth noting that the interest expressed through the platform by Greeks in the United Kingdom amounted to 1,500 registrations.