Bees attack car on Lesbos 

Luck was not on this group’s side as a swarm of bees attacked 5 people in a minivan on the Island of Lesbos on Tuesday.

It appears that the vehicle had come too close to some beehives in the area and the bees, feeling threatened, reacted.

Four of the passengers were able to get out of the vehicle, but the fifth person was surrounded by the swarm and became trapped inside.

According to reports, police and two ambulances were dispatched to the scene to provide assistance. While those who escaped suffered only minor stings, the person inside the vehicle, who was allergic to bees, lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

The Beekeeper’s Cooperative of Lesvos was also informed to take necessary action.

2 meter snake found inside shower in Thessaloniki

A family in Thessaloniki received an unpleasant surprise a few days ago, when their Rottweiler found a nearly two-meter-long snake in their shower.

The owners called volunteers, who safely captured the snake.

According to ERT, volunteers from the animal rescue and protection team in the city have already rescued and returned 10 snakes to their natural environment in the past month.

While on air, the volunteers urged everyone to contact the authorities if they encounter a snake and not to kill it. They also reminded them that out of the 23 species of snakes in Greece, only the viper family is poisonous and poses a threat to humans.

It should also be noted that fatal snake attacks in Greece are very rare.