Authorities on Tuesday said more than 1.5 million euros were moved through a Swiss bank account belonging to the perpetrator of a triple homicide-suicide a day earlier at a shipping company in southern coastal Athens. Nevertheless, the specific account today only contains 1,500 euros.

A 76-year-old man, identified as a naturalized citizen originally from Egypt, shot and killed three people at the Glyfada district office on Monday using a pump-action short-barrel shotgun.

Speculation swirled on Tuesday over the gunman’s motives, which ranged from anger over being fired as a trusted foreman-gofer and kicked off a family compound, to falling “victim” to a family feud between the shipping firm’s owners over a division of assets.

In a report presented on MegaTV channel, the perpetrator, known as Aris, is linked with an oft-used bank account at a Citi branch in Switzerland, which also serviced commercial accounts belonging to the Karnessis shipping family.

Other reports, in fact, have the 76-year-old man as retaining an account in a Greek bank containing roughly 500,000 euros.

The three victims were identified as technical consultant Elias Koukoularis, a former ship skipper, Antonis Vlassakis and Maria Karnessis, the sister of major company shareholder Spyros Karnessis.

Police found the attacker dead in the garage of the company, as he reportedly committed suicide with the shotgun beside him. A handgun was found in his vehicle. Both weapons were undeclared and, according to police, decades old and in poor condition.