A roe deer had to be put down after it was found shot and severely injured in the Diakos site of, Grevena prefecture in northwest Greece.

The injured mammal was found a few days ago by a hunter and then through the Hunting Federation of Macedonia & Thrace and the local forestry service it was transferred to Arcturos’ Wildlife Clinic, in.gr reported.

From the x-rays taken it was shown that the animal was shot in both of his front legs by a poacher.

The deer suffered irreversible fractures and due to the severity of the injury it was euthanized.

According to Arcturos, only small populations of roe deer have been left in the mountainous regions of the Greek mainland. The species is now characterized as ‘vulnerable’, meaning that if populations continue to dwindle it will soon face extinction.

It is worth noting that roe deer is a protected species and its hunting is prohibited.