The second-born son and daughter-in-law of former Greek monarch Constantine, Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik, on Friday announced their separation via a post on a website representing members of the former’s family.

The post uses the former royal titles of the couple. The latter are permanent residents in the country.

The monarchy was abolished in Greece with a referendum vote in December 1974. Constantine passed away in January 2023 in Athens as a private citizen.

“We wish to inform you of a significant and heartfelt decision made by TRH Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana. After fourteen years of marriage, they have chosen to amicably dissolve their union. This decision was reached with great care and mutual respect, reflecting the depth of their appreciation for one another and the moments they have shared. Their future interactions will continue to be guided by these same principles of respect and understanding, as they transition into a relationship rooted in a strong friendship. They will continue to live and build their lives in Greece, a place they both call home. The Family will always support them.

“We warmly thank you for your understanding and for respecting their privacy during this time.

Private Office of the Greek Royal Family.”