Public health authorities in Greece this week reported a significant rise in the number of Covid-19, flu and RSV infections between Dec. 18 to 24.

A report by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) cited an increase in related hospital admissions by 37%, compared with the corresponding week of 2022.

Meanwhile, Covid-related fatalities reached 62 during the specific week, with the average age of the victims being 83, while 54 people were intubated in ICUs, suffering from acute coronavirus symptoms. There was also an increase in flu infections.

Public health officials called for people over the age of 60 and individuals with underlying health problems to be vaccinated with updated vaccines. Additionally, it was recommended that people use face masks in hospitals and related healthcare units, as well as elderly homes.

Finally, particular care with personal hygiene was reiterated, such as regularly washing hands and properly ventilating indoor spaces.