Spitogatos Insights conducted a nationwide survey, involving over 10,000 users of spitogatos.gr, evaluating different regions of Greece regarding criteria that influence living in them. The survey unveiled some noteworthy findings.

In the realm of property hunting, safety emerges as a paramount consideration. Access to public transportation and parking availability are also key factors, their significance varying with age and life stage. Parking challenges loom large in densely populated locales.

Market access and entertainment options also weigh heavily in residence selection. Green spaces and school proximity are pivotal, especially for families. Pedestrian-friendliness also ranks high among priorities.

In the Athens region, suburban areas such as Kato Glyfada, Nea Smyrni’s center, Ano Ilioupoli, along with the more central parts such as Kolonaki, the Hilton area and Pangrati’s center shine in Spitogatos’ comprehensive survey.

Similarly, in Thessaloniki, Nea Paralia, the DETh-University zone, Peraia, Upper and Lower Toumba, and the historic center are most preferred.

Across Greece, Komotini’s center,located in Thrace the most northeastern part of Greece, Rhodes Town, on the island of Rhodes and Ioannina’s center in the Epirus region, emerge as top picks according to user ratings.