A recent study carried out by the Institute of Retail Consumer Goods sheds light on the pricing dynamics of supermarket products during the initial phase of the Ministry of Development’s regulatory measures. According to their findings, prices remained steady throughout March, marking the inaugural month of these new directives.

The study examined price changes in major supermarket chains from March 2023 to March 2024. In March 2024, prices in these supermarkets rose by just 0.28%, a sharp decrease from the 2.70% increase in February 2024.

Among the 23 product categories studied, prices dropped in 10 categories while they increased in 13.

Paper products, diapers, and napkins experienced significant price reductions, dropping by 5.21%, while Lenten and meatless products saw a decrease of 4.37%. On the other hand, water products and soft drinks saw notable increases, rising by 9.40%, followed by nuts and snacks, which increased by 5.02%.

It is worth noting that fresh fruits and vegetables, which saw price increases throughout 2023 due to increased production costs, extreme weather conditions, and international prices of raw materials, are now experiencing a limited growth rate of 1.77%.

Factors that collectively influence the stability of prices in the supermarket sector include state measures, like the three-month exclusion from promotional activities for products experiencing price increases.

Additionally, gradual inflation moderation, propelled by economies of scale, organizational preparedness, and the presence of private label products, plays a crucial role.

Furthermore, the abundance of offers and discounts in organized retail further impacts final prices, along with the increased sales of private label products in large supermarket chains.