A Palau-flagged tanker was stopped and boarded by Greek Coast Guard personnel on Saturday while sailing some four nautical miles west of the eastern Aegean Island of Chios after a Greek inspector on board the vessel notified authorities that he was essentially “shanghaied”, meaning he was tricked to remain on the vessel.

The operation was videotaped and later released by the coast guard.

According to reports, the tanker had departed Izmir and was headed for Egypt with 15 people on board. A total of three individuals, identified as the Greek inspector and two Filipino inspectors, said they were tricked into remaining on board after it sailed from the western Turkey port for Egypt.

According to reports, a Greek shipping company had been set to acquire the tanker in Izmir. However, it was temporarily held by authorities in Turkey for arrears by its holding company. Other reports have the vessel listed on a “suspicious And unusual activity” list.

The skipper of the vessel was arrested and will face a local prosecutor on the island.