Greek police on Monday announced the latest arrest of suspect suspected involvement in a string of telephone scams plaguing the central Macedonia region of late, and specifically Pieria and Kozani prefectures. The arrested individual, a foreign national, in collaboration a minimum of three unidentified accomplices, was reportedly identified as part of a criminal ring engaging trying to scam unsuspecting citizens, especially the elderly.

In response to the incidents, police issued a set of recommendations to held citizens avoid falling victim to fraudsters:

1. Exercise heightened caution when unknown individuals attempt to persuade you to make monetary payments, especially under the pretext of urgent needs for a family member or friend. Be wary of similar attempts over the phone, and resist proposals for in-person meetings.

2. In situations where strangers claim emergencies involving known family members or friends, always independently verify the information by directly contacting the individuals in question. Initiate communication from your own phone and refrain from engaging with persons called by the strangers.

3. In any situation, declare that you will not hand over money unless your known family members or relatives appear.

4. Refuse, under any circumstances, to follow unknown individuals guiding you to an ATM for cash withdrawals.

5. Do not easily believe individuals who approach you claiming to be acquaintances of family or friends.

6. Exercise particular caution when unknown individuals attempt various pretexts and tricks to gain entry into your residence.

7. Do not be persuaded by strangers posing as public service employees or representatives of other organizations claiming to fix a technical issue unless you have previously called them.

8. Disregard requests from unknown individuals to pay money for the debts of known or familial individuals, whether to public services or stores/companies for the purchase of goods or services.

9. Be aware that hospitals or public services do not send their employees to homes or public places to request money for the services they provide.

10. Maintain a readily available list of emergency phone numbers, including the Police, Fire Department, Hospitals, and close relatives.

11. Always inform authorities, even in the case of an attempted fraud against you.