As May bows out with scorching temperatures, June is poised to usher in even hotter conditions across Greece with temperatures forecast to reach up to 39C in the coming week.

Forecasts by the local meteorological service (EMY) indicate mostly sunny weather with some clouds on Friday throughout much of the mainland, potentially giving way to isolated showers or thunderstorms in parts of Thrace and eastern Macedonia during midday and afternoon hours.

Beginning today temperatures will steadily climb, marking the onset of a prolonged heatwave expected to persist until the middle of next week.

Meteorologists anticipate temperatures ranging from 33C to 36C on Sunday, with the mercury rising from Monday onwards.

By midweek, temperatures could soar to 39C, particularly in western and southern mainland Greece, Attica prefecture, and parts of Crete, where temperatures may be 2-3 degrees higher than elsewhere.