Thieves targeted a southern Athens marina on three consecutive days earlier this month in search of only one item: naval flares.

The incidents, from Dec. 4 through Dec. 6, took place at the Kallithea marina in the early morning hours. The specific facility, which caters to fishing boats and lower-end pleasure craft, reportedly does not have CCTV cameras in place or security.

The incidents came to the forefront in the wake of last week’s near-fatal shooting of a riot police officer with a flare by fired from single-chamber pistol, similar to the ones stored aboard vessels.

A highly incendiary flare lodged in the 31-year-old policeman’s thigh. An 18-year-old local man was arrested two days later as the alleged perpetrator.

The incident came as hooligans exited an indoor arena where a men’s volleyball game was going on in order to clash with police.

Many of the craft at the marina had doors and shelves busted open, but with tools, nautical gear and life-saving equipment left intact.

The only missing items were the flares.