Three people were shot dead following an incident involving gunfire at a shipping company in Glyfada, a suburb in South Athens, on Monday.

The perpetrator has reportedly been identified as a former employee of the company and is Egyptian. The man reportedly stormed into the offices on Artemisiou Street and opened fire with a shotgun, resulting in the deaths of three individuals before taking his own life, according to Mega TV news.

According to reports, the three victims are Elias Koukoularis (head of the technical department), Antonis Vlassakis (husband of Despina Karnessis), and Maria Karnessis (sister of major shareholder Spyros Karnessis).

Police found the attacker dead in the basement of the shipping company, as he reportedly committed suicide with the shotgun found beside him.

According to sources, he had served as a supervisor at the company for several years.

The perpetrator, who had been laid off from the company, entered the company’s premises from the parking area. He initially went to the mezzanine floor where he shot two individuals before proceeding to the second floor where he shot another person, likely a woman.