The monastery of St. Peter, known as Westminster Abbey, was founded by Edward the Confessor, the king of England at the time. He started building the monastery in 1042, shortly after his coronation, and opened its doors on December 28, 1065.

It has been the site of coronations and other ceremonies of national significance for centuries.

In 1987 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with St. Margaret’s Church, and the Houses of Parliament.

Since the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066, every British ruler have been crowned in Westminster Abbey. Notable exceptions are Edward V and Edward VIII, neither of whom was crowned.

Thirty royals are buried in the abbey, including 13 kings, 4 queens regnant, and 11 queens consort. Edward the Confessor is entombed in a shrine at the heart of the abbey.

Other notable events on December 28th:

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