Mary Stuart became Queen of Scotland six days after her birth, after her father’s sudden death. She was sent to France to be brought up and married King Francis II . After her husband’s death she returned to Scotland, where she was severely distrusted because of her Catholic upbringing. After the death of her new husband, Lord Darnley, whom she was suspected on conspiring against, she fled to England to seek help from her cousin Queen Elizabeth I. She was subsequently held in captivity for 19 years until catholic uprisings in her favor convinced Elizabeth that her cousin was plotting her assassination, for which she had her tried, convicted and executed.

Other notable events on February 8th:

In 1976, Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver premiers in theaters around the world.

In 1960, the first 8 stars are added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1950, East Germany’s notorious secret police agency, the Stasi, is established.

Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (April 20, 1790). Published in London, England. Accession number: 58.549.26