The U.S. space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after take off, 14 kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean, due to structural malfunction brought on by the lower-than-expected launch temperatures. It killed all seven aboard, including a school teacher which had been chosen partake in the mission.
Tapes salvaged have recorded one of the crew gasping “Uh-oh” the second before breakup. Debris kept falling into the Atlantic Ocean for more than an hour after the explosion. As the event was widely televised, the whole nation watched the explosion.
It was believed that the crew survived the initial breakup but died from oxygen deficiency due to loss of cabin pressure minutes before impact.

Other notable events on January 28th:

  • In 1958, the Lego brick gets patented. LEGO has since produced 500 billion Lego pieces, amounting to 10 LEGO towers from Earth to the Moon.

  • In 1985, USA for Africa record “We Are the World”, leading to over 20 million copies being sold.

The explosion of the space shuttle The Challenger, 1986