Rodney G. King, who was African American, was a robbery parolee and intoxicated at the time led the police to a car chase across Los Angeles, California after refusing to pull over by a Patrol cruiser for speeding. After stopping the car, police officer incapacitated him with a stun gun before brutally beating him. The incident was caught on camera by an onlooker and the video was sold to the media. A trial was held in 1992, but the police officers involved were acquitted. This led to violent LA riots where arson, murder and assault ensued. Due to severe public outcry, a follow-up trial prosecuted the officers for violating King’s constitutional rights, for which they were found guilty.

Other notable events on March 3rd:

In 1974, a Turkish Airlines jet crashes to the ground near Paris, killing all 345 people on board.

In 1938, The Mallard, The world’s fastest steam locomotive which could reach 160 km/h is built.

In 1924, the last remnant of the Ottoman empire in Turkey is dissolved