The head of the Association of Hospital Doctors in the Athens-Piraeus area (ENIAP), Matina Pagoni, on Friday expressed her concern about the seriousness of a measles epidemic sweeping across Europe and Greece, during comment on Mega TV, while she noted that vaccinations have not progressed enough in the country.

Pagoni emphasized that in the United Kingdom, 20% of measles cases involve unvaccinated children, while in Greece the corresponding percentage is a whopping 89.9%.

She urged parents who have not vaccinated their children to administer both doses. “One dose does not mean you are vaccinated or have coverage. Those who have received both doses are covered for life.”

Dr. Pagoni stressed that measles is much more contagious and serious than Covid-19, which results in a higher number of cases of a more dangerous illness, which can lead to complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis.

In an unrelated development, regarding the government’s decision to commence afternoon surgeries at public hospitals for a fee, Pagoni said the measure aims to reduce the waiting list for routine surgeries, with health staff being divided into groups to serve both morning and afternoon surgeries.

As for patients with already lengthy stays on surgery lists, reports indicate that they will be scheduled for afternoon surgeries but without any charge.
“50,000 afternoon surgeries, which people have been eagerly awaiting, will be covered by the state,” she said.