Ten individuals, including two high-ranking coast guard officers, were ordered held on remand on Friday following their preliminary testimonies before investigating magistrates on charges of felony drug smuggling and possession.

According to information revealed by in.gr this past week, the two coast guard officers served at the main Harbor Corps headquarters at the port of Piraeus.

Another three defendants are currently incarcerated at the Korydallos prison.

Authorities, including the coast guard’s internal affairs division, maintain that the suspects, comprising a criminal gang, funneled some 14 kilos of cocaine into the local drug markets over the past nine months, with proceeds exceeding 1.23 million euros.

According to reports, the ringleader of the gang is a 71-year-old female convict known by the nickname “Thea” (aunt) or “Hontroula”, (fatty).

The two law enforcement officers are charged with stealing confiscated cocaine from interdiction operations and seizures. The drugs were supposedly securely stored and destined to be incinerated.