A tip about suspicious activity in the northern Greece prefecture of Florina has led police to a major cache of weapons and munitions, with the country’s anti-terrorism squad being subsequently called in.

Two individuals, a 54-year-old local man and 57-year-old foreign national woman, were arrested by police on Monday at the location where the mini arsenal was discovered.

According to reports in ToVima, police found 29 weapons in the house, including three sub-machine guns, assault rifles, handguns, 72 kilos of gunpowder, 11 grenades, some 35,000 rounds of ammunition, along with five mortar shells, 95 cartridges and a homemade explosive device, among other items.

The anti-terrorist squad was summoned to examine the weapons, their origins and how they were acquired. Meanwhile, the two suspects will be led before a local prosecutor for an initial statement, as part of the arraignment process.

In detail, the following items were found:

  • 29 weapons, including 14 military-style assault rifles, three submachine guns, five automatic handguns, six revolvers and one shotgun
  • 95 cartridges
  • 72 kilograms of gunpowder
  • 11 grenades, one of which is a training prop
  • five mortar shells
  • 35,455 rounds of ammunition of various types and around 414 kilograms of detonating material
  • 1 homemade explosive device
  • 1 police baton
  • 1 cross bow
  • 1 scope
  • 1 bullet proof vest
  • Fireworks
  • Six flares
  • various parts of military rifles